STRAYA Ale - Australian Pale Ale

Here in Australia we don't have a lot of beer styles to call our own. One we do have is the Australian Pale Ale typified in the classic Cooper's Pale Ale.

From the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship Style Guidelines:

A lively, fruity Pale Ale with surprising lightness of body, solid bitterness, and a refreshing dry finish well suited to a hot climate. Can be thought of as a “light” Burton IPA without the dry-hopping. Relies on yeast character to compensate for diminished late hop expression - bland examples lacking fruitiness should be considered out of style

What I am trying to achieve with this beer is that same dry refreshing session ale perfect for hot summer's days but with something slightly more interesting in the finish.

The following recipe is for a 43L Batch with a devastatingly low 73% ish efficiency (drop the extract if you can get enough grains into your mash tun).


The grains are pretty straightfoward - a big chunk of Australian Ale malt, a touch of wheat to aid head retention and enough dark crystal to give the beer some colour.

Grains will be mashed low at 63°C for 60 minutes to get that dry finish.

Fermentable Amount Percentage
Ale Malt 7.5 kg 86%
Wheat Malt 0.5 kg 5%
Dark Crystal Malt 0.2 kg 2%
Dry Malt Extract - Light 0.5 kg 5%


You can't brew and Australian beer without Pride of Ringwood hops showing up. Pride of Ringwood is a bittering hop that gives the beer a distinctive slightly peppery flavour. I am also throwing in a bit of another Australian hop Summer. Summer should bring some light apricot and melon flavours that I hope will balance out the Pride's pepper and aroma.

It will be a 60 minute boil.        

Hop Amount Time Use
Pride of Ringwood (AU) 45.0 g 60 min Boil
Pride of Ringwood (AU) 15.0 g 45 min Boil
Summer (AU) 20.0 g 10 min Boil


Recultured Cooper's commercial yeast.

The ideal yeast for Australian Pale Ales is not available to homebrewers but if you are thirsty enough it can be obtained from a 6 pack Cooper's finest.


Brew day relaxing

Brew day numbers clocked in at just under target 1.045 OG and after an 8 day ferment 1.006 FG which leaves us with about 5.1% ABV. Looking forward to the taste test from the bottle in the next few weeks.

Note: I am also planning to enter this beer into the local club mini competition, will be interesting to get feedback from people who actually know what that are doing. I will update the post with the results.